About Us



Apply Global which Founded by Dr. Daniel Foroughi, is an immigration consultancy group based in Kazakhstan. Apply Global already have 12 Physical branches in 12 countries and more than 100 representatives everywhere in the world.
Apply Global consults the interested people around the world to take the best decision to move abroad for education, investment or work.
Apply Global is in collaboration with different universities, education and immigration counseling companies as well as construction developers and job provider companies in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In our education department we are helping students to take scholarships to study abroad in different international languages. and also we are a bridge between educational institutes such as universities to get connected to each other.
Apply Global, is the first education immigration seminar holder in the world which is trying to introduce different studying opportunities by different universities to the interested students of the world.
If a university has ambiguities in the field of collaboration and would like to be advertised among the world students we can urgently go through an agreement or MOU for collaboration.

Apply global also helps people to find their proper and suitable job in different countries. Also Apply Global is helping investors to invest safe abroad.

The word of Apply Global came to existence by Daniel Foroughi for the first time and that’s why all the social media account’s ID is just simply “applyGlobal

If you are;

  • student looking for scholarship;
  • university looking for student recruitment agencies or having collaboration with universities of the world or being introduced in our global seminars;
  • a person looking for a job in another country
  • an employer looking for employee
  • a construction company looking for sell agent
  • an investor looking for a safe investment abroad

Apply Global, ApplyGlobal, is whatever you need! we are pioneer immigration consultancy group in the world.

Best Regards

Daniel Foroughi, Ph.D.


Apply Global International Immigration Consultancy Group